Welcome to the official 16 Identification Marks website, the only place on the web to find out who the REAL Antichrist is! Since the writing of the book of Revelation, bible students, scholars and philosophers have contemplated on the identity of this terrifying individual. They've searched high and low, reading the bible and comparing biblical passages with real life people in the hopes of pin pointing who the actual Antichrist really is. But time and time again they have been proven wrong. With the passing of time, individual figures who have been accused of being the biblical Antichrist, such as Hitler, Mussolini and others, have come and gone without making any significant and biblical moves that the bible Antichrist would make. Some of the accused have fit some of the identifications marks, others have fit most, but none have fit ALL 16 biblical identification marks of Antichrist. In this we search throughout the bible, especially through the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation, to gather 16 Identification Marks to identify once and for all who the Antichrist is. This e-Book is an amazing eye-opener! And the great thing about this book is that it makes prophecy easy. Its divided into three separate sections with a total of 60 pages. And it begins with looking for the identification marks, locating the right person who fits every last one of them and applying them, then finally learning what the Mark of the Beast is.

Here are some other features:

(1) Contains up to date news showing the fulfillment of prophecy
(2) Provides clickable links to news and other websites
(3) Every verse is clickable, directing the reader to an online bible
(4) Includes dozens of images to help the reader better understand
(5) Includes historical quotes by Christian pioneers
(6) Its convenient. Read it on your computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.
(7) Its affordable. Most books run for $10 and up. But e-books help you save.

You will be amazed at how easy it will be to learn who the antichrist really is. By the end of the book you will be able to teach anyone with the bible how they too can find these identification marks and identify the beast.

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Here’s a video with a taste of what you will learn in the book. It contains the first 5 identification marks in small details…

Now if you’re a serious bible student like I am, you will want deeper explanations, especially as this is a serious matter. That’s why there is nothing better than getting your info from a well detailed book which contains full, lengthy, but easy to grasp explanations of each biblical identification mark. Read the introduction to the book for free HERE!

Don’t agree with what the video showed? Curious about what you saw? Do you want more proof? Give it a shot! We will send you a downloadable link where you can download the e-book straight from your email. Your donation helps us continue to grow as a ministry.

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